Southwark wood for Southwark community projects

A donation of Southwark felled wood has been transformed by our Budding Builders for Southwark primary schools.

Following the clearing of their Elephant Park development site, Lendlease found themselves with a number of felled trees. No one wanted the beautiful wood to go to waste, so it was decided that the wood would be donated to local charities and community organisations so that it could be repurposed and reinstated in its new forms back into the community. Lendlease worked closely with Lantern UK to facilitate the felling, milling and distribution of the wood.

Our latest cohort of Budding Builders decided that for their practical project they would use the wood to create a collection of insect houses to give to local Southwark primary schools to support their environmental science investigations. Knowing that the insect houses would be going to primary schools and used daily by young children in their learning helped give our Budding Builders a real focus to their work. Instead of just practising new skills, our young men were required to make sturdy, safe and fit for purpose insect houses or risk disappointing expectant primary school children. The legacy may be small in comparison to the Elephant Park project, but the hard work and passion that went into the insect houses was second to none. We hope that the pride our Budding Builders felt in knowing their insect houses will be used for years to come by local children inspires them to pursue a career in construction and experience the sense of achievement and fulfilment gained from working on large scale construction projects.

We’ve been delighted to be part of this cross-community collaboration that sees the regeneration of Southwark linking directly back to the existing community.