Helping those in supported housing find security

I was delighted this week when some of my team met with the charity Centrepoint to discuss our exciting new project which has reached the finals of the ITV/Big Lottery Fund’s People’s Millions project. Centrepoint have been working to get young homeless people into work and stable housing for many years and it is great to find ideas of things we can do together. We encounter many young people who are in supported housing when we do our training projects.

When we think of homelessness we often think of people living rough on the streets but in fact it covers anyone in temporary accommodation including B&Bs or living with friends. Moving between multiple places or even living in unpredictable family situations all make life for these young people very unstable. And that can make it more difficult to find and hold down a job. As we know, having a reliable income and a regular job can be the first step on the ladder for these young people and for many that can mean that they can start to look for a more permanent place to live. Construction Youth Trust’s training courses can give young homeless men and women a chance to gain enough skills to enable them to find a job on a construction site and our employment brokering can find them a potential employer. Sometimes all they need is a chance.

I am always delighted by the support of many construction companies who work with us to find jobs for our trainees. But we always need more. So if you think your company might be able to find work experience or a short placement for one of our young people then please get in touch with John Graham on

You can find out more about the People’s Millions on their website at Voting for the winner takes place on 25th November so please call on the day. Construction Youth Trust and the project we are doing at a Centrepoint hostel in Ealing will be featured in a video on the 6pm ITV News which will be fantastic awareness raising for us. And with your support and calls we might be able to win the finds to get more young people back into work.

Our chance to win the People’s Millions We are really excited to have been nominated as one of two London finalists in the People’s Millions, a joint initiative between ITV and The Big Lottery. We will be featured in a video on the 6pm ITV News and then the public will get a chance to vote for the project they would like to win. Our project will take young homeless people and will renovate a Centrepoint hostel in Ealing, improving it for residents and giving the young people accredited training and mentoring to help them into work and further training.

Voting will take place by phone on 25th November between 9am-midnight and we will only be told the number on the day so we will email a reminder then. With your help we could win!