Guest Post: Usman Shah, founder of Diversity Hut

I come from Newham, a borough which proudly boasts to be one the most diverse boroughs in London. However, there is also a not so pleasing statistic associated to this, Newham also sadly has the highest unemployment rate in London. Regardless, the industry – not limited to construction, but in general, is crying out for a diverse workforce, and in particular for a much more BAME and female orientated workforce.

Hence, Diversity Hut was set up as a social enterprise by myself, Usman Shah, an ex-Construction Youth Trust protégé, to help bridge the gap between the work place and hard to access diversity groups; aiming to help the workforce represent society. Diversity Hut specialises in helping businesses become diverse by offering consultancy and more so, the brokerage of Diversity to their organisations.

Diversity Hut taps into hard access groups, communities, religious and cultural groups and educational institutions, finding talented individuals, helping them attain employment within large diversity hungry corporations and/or small businesses. Diversity Hut seeks to work with companies who believe in diversity and inclusion, that appreciate the innovation, panache and the value adding opportunities people of a diverse background could bring to them.

Currently, Diversity Hut is focusing on people who would like to get in to Construction. As I have come from the construction industry, I want to help the industry first by finding diversity for firms looking for it. So, if there is anyone looking for employment within construction firms, please do let me know as I have a growing number of vacancies within the industry!

I was sponsored by Construction Youth Trust in 2009 to pursue further education! And I also was highly commended at the Construction Youth Trusts Duke of Gloucester’s Awards.

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