Collaboration with Centrepoint Works to provide industry qualifications for young people affected by homelessness.

The Trust has been delighted to work with Centrepoint Works to deliver our Budding Builders course, as part of the Centrepoint Works scheme.

Centrepoint Works, a course which is open to homeless, disadvantaged or unemployed young people in London, offers one-hundred hours of work experience, with lunch and travel provided. Trainees who complete the course are then better placed to go on to secure lasting employment.

We worked with a group of Centrepoint young people who wanted to further explore and prepare themselves for a career in industry. Over the eight days of the Budding Builders course we engaged the participants in a variety of activities ranging from practical carpentry skills sessions to networking with industry professionals.

For this particular Budding Builders course there was a strong focus, not only on learning and improving practical skills whilst also working towards attaining a CSCS card, on challenging the negative perceptions that the young people had about themselves. Time in the workshop is balanced out with networking sessions and interview technique to help the participants view themselves as work ready. When we spoke to one of the participants about his experience of the programme he said: “The best part of the course was the chance to practice mock interviews with industry professionals. They gave me more confidence in being myself and being available to other people, showing your real self to other people.”

Another participant said of her time on the course: “I don’t want to be done here and go home to my old ways and stop believing in myself.” Following the course, she has been offered two instances of work experience and the Trust and Centrepoint Works are very excited about the employment opportunities that the course has opened up for her.

Construction Youth Trust CEO, Carol Lynch, said of the Centrepoint Works Scheme: “One organisation alone cannot solve the many complex needs of a vulnerable homeless young person. By working together with Centrepoint, we have been able to concentrate on delivering specific and practical employability support to the participants of Centrepoint Works, enabling them to break down barriers to employment and inspiring them to pursue a robust career within the Construction and Built Environment industry.”

Sadie Odeogberin, Centrepoint Works, said: “We provide a safe environment for homeless and disadvantaged young people to learn, train and grow in confidence. 

“Our partnership with Construction Youth Trust provides the vital link between training and the workplace by equipping young people with the right qualifications, attitude and skills needed to successfully find and sustain work in the construction industry.”

The partnership with Construction Youth Trust is part of Centrepoint Works’ wider services that offer young people the opportunity to achieve accreditation in maths, English, IT and employability as well as traineeships in hospitality, business administration and construction.