Arthur begins his construction career with a Carpentry Formwork Apprenticeship!

Arthur was part of our July Budding Builders course funded by Children in Need. After leaving school at 16 with a handful of GCSE’s, this vibrant and determined young man, now 17, was searching for his next step.

Whilst still at school Arthur had completed a Level 1 Diploma in Carpentry and Joinery, discovering a love for practical work that had escaped him in a traditional classroom setting. In his quest to find a course or programme that he would qualify for, Arthur discovered our Budding Builders course via our twitter feed. Arthur saw the opening of an opportunity and decided to take it with both hands arriving at the registration day early and ready to hit the ground running.

Throughout the course Arthur demonstrated himself to be a smart, kind and hardworking young man. He’s the kind of person who knows how to have serious fun, when to knuckle down and work hard, but also when a smile or joke is needed to keep the group’s spirits up.

Alongside the practical sessions, many of which took place at Southwark Construction Skills Centre widening the participants’ experience of trade roles from carpentry to bricklaying, a major aspect of the course is the preparation for the CSCS card test and studying for a Level 1 Health and Safety qualification. The more studious side of the course can prove to be a challenge for those young people who find classic sit down learning difficult to bear, but Arthur approached the work with diligence. Armed with the foresight that to achieve his goal of beginning a career in construction he needed to successfully attain a CSCS card, Arthur applied himself to his learning as well as inspiring his fellow participants. By the end of the course Arthur had completed a Level 1 Health and Safety and a Level 1 Manual Handling qualification in addition to passing his CSCS card test.

Having completed the Budding Builders course, Arthur’s real work began as he started looking for apprenticeships and courses to apply for. Our Southwark team, Wendy and Megan, worked with Arthur to identify and apply for upcoming opportunities. Not one to rest on his laurels, Arthur had already applied for a number of opportunities and spent his time with Megan refining his CV and cover letter to ensure maximum impact upon its arrival.

Knowing that Arthur was interested in a carpentry apprenticeship, and having been so impressed by his conduct throughout the Budding Builders course, Wendy sent Arthur’s CV alongside a letter of recommendation to Stav Aristokle Hill, Apprenticeship Programme Manager at Berkeley Homes Limited. Trusting Wendy’s sound judgement, Stav invited Arthur to interview for a Carpentry Formwork Apprenticeship. We were absolutely delighted when Berkeley Homes Limited saw the same potential in Arthur that we had and offered him the apprenticeship. Arthur will be starting in September and studying on block release at the National Construction College in Norwich. Based and working in London, Berkeley Group will fund all of Arthur’s living expenses during his study blocks in Norwich.

We’re extremely proud of Arthur. In the year since leaving school, Arthur has discovered a career he enjoys and taken proactive steps to ensure he gives himself the best possible shot of achieving his career goals. We know Arthur will be one to watch as he progresses in his career!