#Inmybackyard – building benches at Kings Cross Construction Skills Centre

In partnership with Central London Forward (CLF) Construction Careers, we ran a fun filled 5 day DIY course at Kings Cross Construction Skills Centre.

For the second of our #Inmybackyard projects we welcomed a range of local young people, also working with the Camden Youth Offending Team offering the course as part of their reparation programme.  

The group very quickly formed strong partnerships as it was all hands on deck to solve the many construction problems thrown up by a delivery of mismeasured wood. Pulling on the different strengths of the group, a design team recalculated the measurements before the group split up to begin construction.

As different teams took on different parts of the bench build, participants also got creative designing and building their own mini projects. By the end of the 5 days, alongside the bench, an array of deluxe birdhouses and display cases were sanded down and varnished.

The strength of the group came from the collaboration of a diverse range of young people. Two of the participants were using the course to gain some practical carpentry experience before respectively starting a plumbing and carpentry apprenticeship in September. The comradery created during the project and the sharing of experiences gave some of the other participants the opportunity to consider their own career options. Seeing other young people they respected looking forward to moving into industry careers, and having enjoyed the #inmybackyard project, gave them the confidence to take active control of their next steps. Following their interest in multi-trade courses, our team are helping two of the participants enrol at Kings Cross Construction Skills centre with the aim of beginning a course in September.

We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to discover their full career potential and we’re committed to creating experiences that can help inspire the next generation about careers in construction and the built environment.