Korey was referred to our Moving Forward project in Wales.  On this project Construction Youth Trust arranges six month paid work placements within the construction industry for young people aged 16-18.  Korey is from Blaenau Gwent  - the Office of National Statistics (ONS) explain that this is the area with the least employment opportunities for young people in Wales.  We supported Korey to get his CSCS Card and he couldn’t wait to get his career started in construction.  We got Korey an interview with Kendal roofing and he did brilliantly in his interview and he was offered a placement.  Korey excelled on his placement and was a committed and hardworking employee.  It was no surprise when Kendall roofing took him on as a full time employee when the placement ended. There is more good news as Korey is starting his apprenticeship, while still working at Kendall roofing in September 2016.