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CAD Modeller

Computer aided design (CAD) technicians use software to create design plans for buildings and machinery. You could work in a wide range of industries, such as engineering, construction and manufacturing. If you are interested in industrial design and enjoy using software, this job could be just right for you.

To be a CAD technician, you will need to have good maths and IT skills. You will need to understand how things are made and built. You must also be a creative person.

You could become a CAD technician by starting as an apprentice with an engineering, manufacturing or construction firm. You could also train in CAD by taking a college course while looking for work.

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What The Job Involves

What are the key responsibilities for this position?


Key Responsibilities

Team meetings to assign project responsibilities
Working at a CAD workstation to produce 2D or 3D designs
You would use surface modelling to draw a flat representation of a product
Present design plans to the project team and make changes based on feedback before engineers build and test a prototype
In solid modelling, you would create a 3D display of a structure or component
You would also use your designs to help prepare cost estimates on projects, and produce assembly instructions and maintenance manuals for installation, service and repair technicians
You would normally work in a small team managed by a design engineer, with each person working on a different part of a project

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Entry Requirements

Start an Apprenticeship with an engineering, manufacturing or construction firm. To get onto an Apprenticeship scheme, you will need four or five GCSEs (A-C) including maths, English and a science subject
Another way to gain CAD skills is to take a Level 2 college course that covers computer aided design e.g. Engineering Technology, CAD and Manufacturing,

What key skills and personal attributes help with this role?

Skills & Attributes

Good communication skills
A knowledge of engineering design principles
Good maths and IT skills
Good presentation skills
Good problem solving skills
An understanding of manufacturing processes and construction methods
Creative ability
Resilience to deal with critical feedback
The ability to work as part of a team
The ability to meet deadlines

How much can you expect to earn and what are the career progression options?

The following figures are intended as a guideline only.

Salary & Progression

Junior CAD technicians: £15,000 - £20,000 a year
Experienced CAD technicians: £22,000 - £35,000
Senior, chartered or master CAD technicians: £35,000 - £50,000
Case Study


Craig* came to us as a minor offence on his record made it difficult to find him employment in Construction, however the Trust, via the Symud Ymlaen Moving Forward project has built up a relationship with The Warehouse Project  – a charity providing paid work and training to vulnerable young people.  Ryan was really excited to gain this opportunity and started work in February 2015.  *His name has been changed to protect his identity.

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